Chalmohan ranga movie

updated: April 5, 2018 17:41 IST
Chalmohan ranga movie

This Nithin outing is surely tailored to keep his fan following happy. It is
styled to his strengths and keeps his fan base on a diet they expect. The story and the treatment is largely on the expected lines and scales. Expect that this time the humour element specially after the interval and in the climax is high and
ensure that the end product is light-hearted.

Typically our hero Mohan Rang ( Nithin) falls for Megha ( Megha) when he lands
up in USA . His journey has a long preface. Back home at Hyderabad he is a no
gooder and Dad (Naresh ) has surely given up on him.. Local lady ( Rohini) dies
and he gets an opportunity to carry her corpse for last rites to the US and thus
ends his many abortive attempts for a VISA. Now in USA he runs into the heroine
and of course, sparks fly. NRI philanthropist Ramesh ( Rao Ramesh) finances his
application for a legal status though not very impressed with his credentials. Our
hero like many others who do not do very well back home is a ragging success
under his new employer Padmaja Paul ( Prabas Srinu). He is a huge success.
However just when his professional career is up for an upward drive his emotional
life goes for a toss with Megha walking out and he hitting the bottle with constant
statutory warnings on the screen.

You hardly need to be a filmi person to know that he will soon return to
India have mini fights, beat up the baddies have a few more drunken brawls,
songs and dreams before he makes it to the marriage album. This time the route
is laced with a lot of humour in the Priyadarshan style and just when you have a
few laughs the film maker realizes that brevity is the language you need to

employ, takes them through a road accident to the ICU and gets us out as soon as possible.

The highpoints of the movie is surely the performance of Nithin and his
screen chemistry with lead pair. What also works for the film is the collective
effort of the support cast of which special mention be made of the ever
dependable Rao Ramesh, Naresh , the humour suppliers and Pragati.
What could surely have been avoided is the calf love foundation to the romantic
tale from Coonoor to USA. Also fine cinematography adds value to this outing of
filmmaker Krishna chaitnaya. He keeps it simple and light and that works and is
in keeping with the title.

L.Ravichander,, Sr Counsell, High Court of Telangana and AP, columnist, cine critic

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